Big Three From Each Reading Assignment

This page explains our 3 main topics dicussed in each book club:
Chapters 1-3
  • What's in a name? How do characters names affect them?
  • Futures and Destiny: Females futures vs Males?
  • Importance of strong female role models.

Chapters 4-6

  • Womens vision of themselves. What shapes these views?
  • Taylor as a strong female character
  • “Parts are included for all installations, but no installation requires all of the parts.” (Chapter 6, Page 113)

Chapters 7-9

  • Significance of Turtles first word
  • Significance of Turtles real name- "April"
  • Similarites and Differences between Lou Ann and Taylor

Chapters 10-12

  • Immigration
  • Taylors love interest in Esteven
  • "Blindness" of female characters

Chapters 13-15

  • Adoption and keeping turtle- Who is in the right? Does Taylor deserve Turtle?
  • Immigration- Esteven and Esperanza both need to leave Arizonia so they can stay in USA
  • Significances of Journey's and Travel

Chapters 16-17