Real World Connections and Topic Questions

"What’s in a Name?" Research meaning of names Missy and Taylor. Connect possible intentions the author had from changing a feministic name to a masculine name. Connect this to females characters lack of success)

"Be My Escape"
"Misery Business"

Image Representation of Characters:
Turtle's represents seeds and plants because she is growing- not to mention her obsession with plants.
external image veg_primary.jpg

This cartoon depicts blonde hair Luann, who is identical to the stereotypical woman named LouAnn characterized in the Bean Trees.
Mattie represents tires because she keeps everything moving in the right direction- figuratively and literally
external image tires.png

What holds female characters back from success, and ultimately how does and will this pre-determined future affect Missie/Taylor?

What aspects cause Taylors character to develop and strengthen throughout chapters 4-6? In her eyes, who has the most positive influence on her life at this time? Is it Mattie, Sandi, Lou Ann, or even Turtle? How do they manage to do this?

How have the characters changed since the beginning of the book? What has had the greatest influence on the characters' change?

How have the characters evolved throughout the book and how does it change in these chapters? For example the roles of Lou Ann and Taylor and how Turtle is maturing or falling back where she began.