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"The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose."

-Richard Grant (Added during closing activity May 1st)

Hey Y'all Welcome to The Bean Trees Book Club! Here's our Syllabus for everybody following along!

In Class
Focus Question
April 30, 2009
Opening Activity: "Whats in a Name?" Research meaning of names Missy and Taylor. Connect possible intentions the author had from changing a feministic name to a masculine name. Connect this to females characters lack of success)
Discussion: over Chapters 1,2,3
Closing Activity: Visit Sabrina's wikispaceand take the survey under the page The Bean Trees. Once everyone has taken the suvey we will discuss results focusing on how they relate to focus question.
Created By Sabrina
What holds female characters back from success, and ultimately how does and will this pre-detirmined future affect Missie/Taylor?
Chapters 4,5,6
May 1, 2009
Opening Activity: Listen to "Be My Escape" and relate to Focus Question.
Discussion: over Chapters 4,5,6
Closing Activity: Find quoteson internet that display theme of book.
Created By Emily
What aspects cause Taylors character to devolp and strengthen throughout chapeters 4-6? In her eyes, who has the most positive influence on her life at this time? Is it Mattie, Sandi, Lou Ann, or even Turtle? How do they manage to do this?
Chapters 7,8,9
May 4, 2009
Opening Activity: Listen to "Scarred" by Kevin Rudolf and look at the lyrics and relate to the focus question and the book so far.
Discussion: over Chapters, 7,8,9 and the book so far
Closing Activity: Brainstrom themes now that more pieces to the puzzle have been unvailed.
Created By Olivia
How have the characters changed since the beginning of the book? What has had the greatest influence on the characters' change?
Chapters 10,11,12
May 6, 2009
Opening Activity: Analyze the lyrics of Misery Business by Paramore. How does this relate to Lou Ann and the changes she is going she is going through in these chapters?
Discussion: over chapters 10, 11, 12
Closing Activity: Anaylyze an ending quote of the last chapter: "What I'm saying is nobody feels sorry for anybody anymore, nobody even pretends they do. Not even the president. It's like it's become unpatriotic." pg 230
How have the characters evolved throughout the book and how does it change in these chapters? For example the roles of Lou Ann and Taylor and how Turtle is maturing or falling back where she began.
Chapter 13,14,15
May 8, 2009
Opening Activity: Find quotes or song lyrics and make specific connections to changes in the lives of a character or an event that has happened in the last three chapters and draw a picture or find another creative way to share your research with the group.
Discussion: over chapters 13, 14, 15
Closing Activity: Take time for our group to work on our wikispace. Add new stuff from today and make sure everything is up to date and accurate. We want this to be an accurate reflection of the work out group has done.

Do characters change, develop, and mature in chapters 13, 14 and 15?
Chapter 16,17
May 11, 2009
Opening Activity: Read and discussfunny cartoon.
Discussion: Anaylze and discuss the end, chapters 16-17
Closing Activity: De-brief....book take-aways, favorite characters and scenes, connections
How do characters come to ends with people, mindsets, and events in their lives?
Were Done!!! No Homework!